Customized trolley case in three steps

2020-06-17 09:27:50 zhongqi 1

1. First, choose the size of the trolley case. The size of the trolley case has different specifications. The capacity of different sizes is completely different. According to daily life experience, if you need to travel for a long time or have more luggage, it is recommended to choose a slightly larger capacity. If you don’t have a lot of luggage or travel for a short period of time, choose a smaller trolley case. The more practical sizes in the trolley case are 20 inches and 24 inches. Other sizes are too small to hold anything. Or, it is too big to hold, so when choosing a trolley case, choose the trolley case that suits you according to your own travel.

Second, determine the material of the trolley case. After the size of the trolley case is specified in the first step, the next thing to look at is the material of the trolley case. The material directly determines its applicability, and most of the trolley boxes will clearly indicate their main materials when they are sold. The different applicable properties brought by different materials, we simply distinguish the trolley case from the hard case and the soft case. Most of the hard cases have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, waterproofing, and pressure resistance. For example, the aluminum magnesium trolley case, its The hard shell material can protect the contents from being squeezed and impacted. The disadvantage is that the built-in capacity is relatively fixed; while the soft box can give the user a flexible use space, such as the Oxford cloth material trolley box, which is mostly light in weight. , Strong toughness.

3. Finally, don’t ignore the quality of the accessories for the customized trolley case. There are zippers, wheels, handles and other accessories in the trolley case. The quality of these accessories largely determines the service life of the suitcase. Trolley box, without good quality accessories, can not be called a good trolley box. Therefore, when choosing a trolley case, users should pay attention to the quality of accessories.


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