General production process of customized trolley case

2020-06-17 09:28:14 zhongqi 2

Customized trolley cases require higher technical requirements and support from professional machines than other soft bags. In addition, the customized production process of trolley cases also has strict requirements. The standardized and orderly production process also determines whether it is an excellent suitcase. Manufacturers, the following editor of Fang Zhen luggage will tell you what the production process of the trolley box is. Let's take a look.

 The first step is to select the model of the trolley case. To customize the trolley case, we can choose the model of the manufacturer or reopen the mold. Here we should pay attention to the time and cost of mold opening for the rigid trolley case. For 2-3 weeks, the opening cost of the trolley case is several times that of ordinary soft bags.

The second step is to select the logo of the trolley case. Generally speaking, if you make a hard trolley case, you need to apply a voltage to the logo of the trolley case when you open the mold. This is to prepare for the mold opening of the trolley case. If you choose a watermark logo, then open it When printing, choose color printing. As for the soft trolley case, the logo of the trolley case can be various types such as metal mold opening, silk screen printing, voltage, etc. The logo can be customized when a trolley case main material is put on the work station, and a turner can customize a logo for the trolley case.

The third step is to choose the accessories of the trolley case. The accessories are very important. The quality of the trolley case can be seen from the accessories, such as the slider, the feet, and the lock. It can be seen that the accessories of the trolley case mainly start from the hardware. The most important part of the hardware accessories is die casting. The use of the machine is not complicated but it requires technology. Only experienced masters of the press can control the pressure. If the pressure is too light, the hardware parts are not smooth and smooth. If the force is too strong, burrs will appear. The slider of the trolley box observes the die-casting and polishing. The polishing determines whether the appearance of the trolley box is high-grade. The legs of the trolley case are intended to fix the trolley case, making it more durable and stylish. Therefore, it is necessary to test whether there is any shaking or instability in the legs of the trolley case. If not, you can rest assured. The lock of the drawbar box mainly checks the fit between the lock and the surface of the drawbar box, the pressure resistance of the lock itself and the flexibility of changing the lock password.

Four steps, the packaging part of the trolley case, it should be checked after the trolley case is formed. After the inspection, it is confirmed that there is no problem. After the trademark is hung on the package, it is completed. The packaging of professional trolley case manufacturers has strict requirements.


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